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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  December 15, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> hello, miss jackson. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "goo a survey shows outrage at the campus of the university of vermont. today they will speak out about the rape culture. >> find out the results, coming up. >> a baltimore city family files a lawsuit against an alleged bullying incident. i'm sherrie johnson. more on this case as the trial is set to begin. >> a wonderful thursday morning, december 15th, good morning, maryland, i'm charley crowson. let's get a check of the forecast. lynn -- lynette charles is in
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for justin berk. what is going on? >> we'll start out with a little bit of cloud cover, because we are definitely dealing with that. as we look back towards the west we're looking at a few showers, they are going to start to work their way in as we go through the remainder of today, in the meantime we're dealing with some temperatures not so bad this morning, because of the cloud cover out there, good morning, baltimore, you're 46 degrees. we're seeing more of that into ocean city, richmond around 45 degrees and much milder as we head over into pittsburgh with that temperature around 58 degrees. as you head out this morning don't forget the rain gear because you're going to need it. i'll talk more about the rain coming up. right now let's check the traffic with angela. >> good morning. a first look at the roads on this thursday morning, so far so good. we're getting reports of an incident somewhere in the area of route 2, we'll update that in the next report. in the meantime, a live look at route 29, it's looking pretty good if you're making the drive
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on route 29 northbound all the way to i-70. then i-70 moving well all the way to the west side of 695. here's a live shot of 695, as you can see it's clear and moving easily for you at providence road. following us on twitter at maryland traffic. happening now, u.s. defense secretary panetta arrived in baghdad about 30 minutes ago, he will be taking part in a ceremony ending the iraq war in less than 30 minutes, set for 5:00 eastern. this is video from yesterday where he visited troops in afghanistan. he'll hold a q & a session with troops later today. in idaho 20 miners made it out alive overnight after a rock burst in a mine. it happened two hours east of spockan, washington -- spokane, washington. some were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. continuing coverage of an alleged rape in glen burnie. anne arundel county police are looking for this man, he
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reportedly raped a woman in the 300 block of hospital drive early wednesday morning. police say the victim met that suspect at a bar. the two were walking alongside hospital drive when she says he sexually assaulted her. police say the suspect has tattoos on his neck and twists in his hair. if you recognize this man in the sketch call anne arundel county police. those kinds of crimes happen all too often. a new report shows one in four women have been sexually assaulted and experts fear that could be an underestimate. corrine redmond with more. >> reporter: the numbers are shocking but they are not shocking to people who work with victims of rapes and sexual assaults. the centers for disease control and prevention surveyed about 9,000 women and 7,500 men. among findings, women say at some point they were violently attacked by a husband or boyfriend, one in five say they were the victim of rape or attempted rape. almost all of them happened when they were 17 years old or
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younger. in baltimore county a news conference was held about domestic violence around the holidays. and one woman who eventually killed two children in 1999. >> sometimes children have to pay the ultimate price for my husband's abusive behavior and need to take control. i don't know. i agonize over other parents and children who may pay the same price. >> he was murdered in prison in 2006. this was the first year for the centers for disease control survey. it plans on conducting the survey every year. a baltimore man has been arrested in north carolina on rape charges from five years ago. u.s. marshals tracked down kendall lynn in charlotte. he's being held in north carolina but is expected to be brought back to baltimore where the alleged rape occurred. police say lynn raped and
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assaulted a woman in the city in december of 2006. details are scarce regarding a shooting in a barber shop. police say it happened in east baltimore on harford road last night before 7:00. the victim is an adult man. police believe he was shot during an attempted robbery. at last check listed in critical condition. in towson a man has been arrested for breaking into apartments, cooking dinner, taking naps and making himself at home. police say gerald digs got into three different units, slept in the beds, even used the display towels. the realty company that rents the buildings found him december 5th. he's charged with burglary and theft and currently held without bail. police in florida are investigating the body of a baltimore man found in a coal plant. 25-year-old christopher artest was found earlier this week in a plant in lackland. they also found the body of an unidentified woman. police think they may have died after hitching a ride on a coal car. workers found the bodies while sorting a coal shipment from
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indiana. >> as the coal cars open up, the coal falls, you can see the piles underneath the track. where they use front end loaders to push the coal into the larger pile you also see. in the process, as we're working the coles we found the bodies. >> police don't suspect foul play. they say it's simply probably the result of an accident. it may be too cold now for the precinct but way to - preakness but one way to keep up is a new i-pad app. it's a great way to stay connected 24/7. if you don't have the i-pad you can download it for the i-phone or other smartphone devices. the preakness is coming in spring. and ehrlich talked about a new book about the race for the
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presidency. more in "good morning maryland" in a bit.
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welcome back. talks of next year's preakness are underway with the unveiling of the 2012 logo. the american jockey club released the logo wednesday and next year's race will be the 137th running of the million-dollar preakness stakes, the second leg of the triple crown. tickets are now on sale for the race, which is may 19th. time to check the forecast. let's go back to the studio with lynette charles and the latest on what we can say is a pretty seasonal start to the day. >> it's a little above average but no complaints there. we're going to have the wet weather moving in here as we go in through the rest of today so here are the headlines. the wet weather moves in, we have some scattered showers, it's not going to be a washout by any means. then it will be windy as we go
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throughout today and also tomorrow, really. then more sunshine will move in as we go through the weekend. so good things in store, that is for sure. as we look at maryland's most powerful doppler radar, as of now we're dry and will stay that way basically through the morning time frame. that is when there will be change in the forecast for us. in the meantime, you're waking up this morning, temperatures above average, around 46 degrees. at deerfield elementary school in edgewater. more of the same in mount airy with the temperature around 43 degrees. the winds, again. not so bad but it will pick up as we go throughout the day. by tomorrow the winds will really be on the gusty side. as you head out and about this morning don't forget the rain gear, you will need it as you go throughout the day. let's go to angela with a check of traffic. >> reporter: good morning. out there on the roadways already seeing problems. for those of you that normally take route 2, an accident reported route 2 at route 100. checking on the earlier accident, route 2 at poland house road.
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anne arundel county police on scene. they are currently blocking all lanes trying to clear that one out of the roadway for you. in the meantime, it's looking pretty good for those of you that normally take the drive on i-95, southbound at maryland 32, not reporting incidents and very light volume. another live look at the beltway, this is 695 at wilkens avenue, no reports troubles on the southwest corner. back to you. it's not a book about me. it's not a book about maryland. not a book about maryland politics. it's about the issues that define this national debate. >> we were the first local tv station talking to former maryland governor bob ehrlich about his new book "turn this car around." it's a book the governor says targets readers, not voters. he says the book looks at the national issues, pushes forward for the presidential election of next year. it focuses on things ranging from education to race relations.
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ehrlich released that book in november and plans to make several appearances on the national network shows. he did add he has strong support of mitt romney. the u.s. postal service has been given more time to find the solution for the debt problem. the closings that have been headline news have been delayed. now the office and sorting plant closings don't take effect until may 15th. they were planning to close mail processing facilities early next year in an effort to save money. netflix is garnering attention with the results of a new survey. what movies top the list of the most all time rented? results coming up next. and new information regarding lowe's pulling ads from a show about muslims. who is saying now don't want lowe's money? change of heart. we'll be right back.
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new time 4:44. 46 degrees. five things you need to know. today's national cupcake day. to celebrate two places will be offering free ice cream cupcakes to customers from 4:00 to 7:00 tonight. governor martin o'malley will hold a press conference talking about the merger of exelon and constellation energy. and a symposium 6:00 to 8:00 at baltimore city community college. a new research poll says marriage has hit a record low. in 2010 just more than half of u.s. adults were married, down 5% from 2009. analysts say if the trend continues single people will be the majority in our country in just a few years.
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tonight, enjoy joyous and festive music at the basilica. catholic charities will host its annual christmas concert beginning at 7:30. all proceeds go to catholic charities and the senior housing community. baltimore parents are taking action after they say their son was bullied and taunted by children and educators did nothing to help. education reporter sherrie johnson is live downtown with the story. >> reporter: we are here in the downtown area right in front of courthouse east where in just a few hours a trial is set to begin. the sullivan family has filed a lawsuit against the school board of commissioners and the principals of both hazelwood and glen mount elementary school middle. shawna and edmund sullivan say their son sean was bullied at two of his schools. he's a special needs student and his parents say he was taunted by class mates at
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hazelwood elementary school and the school system did nothing about it. they said they went to the principal numerous times, the bullying wasn't stop stopped. they say the last straw was when his son was choked outside of the school until he passed out. they moved to glenmount which was also a problem. the bullying continued there and they say they received no help from administrators. the parents hope this trial will send a message for the school system to put a stop to bullying. i had a chance to contact the baltimore city school district and spoke to a spokesperson and they said basically the district does not comment on active or pending litigation. once again that trial starts at 9:30 this morning right here at courthouse east. reporting live in downtown baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. one towson school is doing long distance learning. cromwell valley students are working with skype, part of an outreach program. the skype lesson takes place
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this afternoon. it will be at the kioa hawaii. they are five hours behind, it's morning there. firefighters will be packing up a rig full of gifts for critically ill children and families. bringing the gifts to the kids at the believe in tomorrow children's house. it's a holiday tradition for the baltimore city fire department. the kids get the chance to meet the chief and sit in a fire truck. the event is today beginning at 7:00, rather, 7:00 tonight. help local kids for a great holiday. the 13th annual it's kindertime toy drive. just drop off a new unused toy at any of the local walmart stores, learning centers or fire stations in baltimore and anne arundel counties. you can also donate used instruments. this year they are partnering with the bso program. donate through december 22nd. details always on at coming in march, fort
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mchenry's role in the war of 1812 will be commemorated in gold and silver coins. this coin was unveiled wednesday. it marks the 200th anniversary of the writing of the star spangled banner during the battle of baltimore. they will be making gold and silver coins which look like this. a portion of the money will go to the war of 1812 bicentennial commission. it's windy out there. netflix released a list of the top 10 most rented movies of all time. now 10 to one --
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you thought the housing market couldn't get much worse? think again. a revised report will be released december 21st from the national association of realtors saying far fewer homes have been sold in the past five years than were previously estimated. the agency says double counting in nearby cities and use of outdated data contributed to the overcounting of existing home sales so things will get worse. as we get closer to the holiday season traveling seems to be on a lot of minds even more so than last year. aaa estimates close to 92 million people are going to be traveling 50 or more miles from home. that is the second highest rate in the last 10 years. the majority of people will drive and only 6% say they are going to catch flights. new plans are expected for southwest starting in 2017. they've reached a a recordbreaking deal with boeing. southwest agreed to order 150 new fuel efficient planes. southwest is the first customer to order the new planes and the deal is the largest in boeing history ringing in around $19
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billion. a startling controversy at the university of vermont that left one fraternity suspended as police investigate what happened. it's regarding a survey that asked members of one from -- fraternity who they would rape if given the chance. a feminist group is going to hold a news conference today addressing what they are calling the existing rape culture on the university of vermont campus. a network of 22 arab american nonprofits say their members will no longer accept donations from lowe's. it comes following the home improvement chain pulling their advertising during a reality tv show about muslims. the network says the retailer's decision contradicts that company's values. a billboard in new zealand is literally turning heads on the highway. it shows the virgin mary holding a pregnancy test with a positive reading.
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the billboard has no text, just this picture. last year the same church posted an ad showing mary and joseph in bed. this time there was text and it says "god was a hard act to follow." time now for a check of the forecast. let's go to lynette. you're shaking your head. >> i'm not saying anything. i'm sticking with the weather. we have mild conditions. you can see where that cold front already worked through back into des moines, temperature 38 degrees. you see the blue on the map? we start to see the greens. check out st. louis, 61 degrees now. then we jump to baltimore, 46 degrees, 46 should be our high now for this time of year. so we're looking at the weather pattern, nice and mild ahead of this cold front. behind it though we're definitely going to be dealing with the cooler air and possibility for some showers to work their way in here as we go into the afternoon. future trend doesn't pick up on the showers so much. i'm going to call it a scattered possibility of getting showers in here as we go throughout the day.
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everybody is not going to get wet. that is for sure. then we definitely will start to dry things out. it's going to get cold on the back side with maybe some snow showers in the higher elevations. we won't be seeing snow showers around here. so for today, i'm forecasting around 57 degrees, mostly cloudy, mild with some afternoon showers going into tonight. 42 degrees and it will be cool, not cold as we go through time. by tomorrow that temperature is going to be coming in around 49 degrees and going to be windy. let's go to angela with the traffic. >> good morning. out on the roadways as you get ready to head out for the thursday morning drive, an accident already reported near route 100 in the southbound direction. also on route 2 in harwood, a pretty serious accident solomons island road at poland house road, police are directing you around that. other key routes are good. 95 moving well through howard county with no delays reported.
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also, another live shot of 95, this one is north of maryland 100, we're getting reports of more activity in the southbound direction. back to you. more than 100 people from an indian village are dead. why officials say bootlegged liquor contributed to the deaths. and the debris from a devastating tsunami in japan starting to wash ashore in canada. details coming up when "good morning maryland" continues on this thursday. >> hi, i am with the 29th cab in kuwait. i want to give a shoutout loving husband eric, my daughters, my mom, my dad and my sister and niece and nephew. i wish you all a happy holiday and i'll see you soon.
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news around the world this morning -- at least 102 people in india are dead from what officials are saying is toxic alcohol. a group of men bought the brew laced with a toxic meth nol on their way back home from work. four people are arrested in connection with the bootlegged booze. dozens more are hospitalized. police released pictures of the man they say attacked shoppers with grenades and gun. the man was named as nordine amani. police say they found a body of a woman in a search of the gunman's home. officers say he committed suicide and he had a number of grenades still in his possession. nine months after an earthquake and tsunami devastated parts of japan debris may be making its way across the pacific and has been washing ashore near vancouver, british columbia. fishermen say they found a lot of bottles and writings with
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asian on them. it could have made its way here and experts don't expect we'll see it in north america 2013. a black bear on a garbage truck. it's believed he hitched a ride to the city doing pickup. conservation officers tranquilized the bear, he's not hurt. he's estimated to be 18 months old and was released back to the wild. a university of vermont fraternity is in big trouble after allegations about rape. i'll explain coming up. disturbing new numbers on sexual assaults in the u.s. how many say they've been arrested. and more, straight ahead on this thursday, december 15th. i'm charley crowson. let's get to the weather.
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lynette charles in for justin berk. always bright and shiny, cute as pie. >> i need the sparkles. we need to get that in here for the sparkles to bounce off my teeth. satellite and radar, you were talking about sunshine. we're not going to be seeing much of that today. the satellite and radar composite not picking up on so much in the way of rain as of now but definitely picking up on the cloud cover. that is the scenario as we go through the remainder of today. don't want to fool you because as we go through time we're definitely going to start to see the rain in here. we can see it here further back to the west already pushing into the ohio valley. some heavy rain back there but as we go into the afternoon i do think we won't get that much rain. maybe scattered showers possible as we go into the afternoon. right now you're heading out that door, what do you need? in cockeysville temperature around 45 degrees, you could take a jacket with you but don't forget the umbrella because as we go through the rest of today, you saw the rain, there's possibility of that. good morning, arnold, your temperature is around 45 degrees. let's check traffic with angela. good


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